KarinOnStage.Com Pictures

Fear Eats The Soul, Scena Theatre, 2017 Pictures

Prison Break, Fringe Festival, 2016 Pictures

Phaeton, Taffety Punk Theatre, 2016 Pictures

Fur, Venus Theatre, 2016 Pictures

Cabaret - Kabarett, The In Series, 2016 Pictures

Titus Andronicus, Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, 2015 Pictures

Happily Ever After, Ambassador Theater, 2014 Pictures

Judgment at Nuremberg, American Century Theater, 2014 Pictures

Virus Attacks Heart, Venus Theater, 2014

Trust Me, force/collision at Arena Stage, 2013

Marathon 33, American Century Theatre, 2012 Pictures

The Gnadiges Fraulein, Washington Shakespeare Company, 2011

The Sculptress, Baltimore Playrights Festival, 2011 Pictures

Catch 22, Black Box Theater, 2011 Pictures

Pillow Talk, Laurel Mill Playhouse, 2010 Pictures

Lulu, Washington Shakespeare Company, 2009 Pictures

4.48 Psychosis, Factory 449, 2009 Pictures

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